We compared over 25 products and put them through their paces. You can see the results of the five most effective products here.

* Legal: The results of the products vary from participant to participant and do not have to be typical, nor can results be 100% guaranteed. The results only reflect our experience from the comparison.

UMI by Amazon® Kitchen faucet – Our winner!

The kitchen faucet from UMI won in most points and thus took first place. No matter whether design, material or functionality.

Price: £200 (RRP)

Simple and very well thought-out model

Offers the best features for the price

The material is scratch-resistant

Ideal for new kitchens but also old ones

price / performance

Often sold out

Grohe Edge Kitchen Fitting – Place 2!

There was barely enough room for place 1.

Price: £75.38 (UVP)


Pleasantly slim & light,

Fits every kitchen

Slight chemical odour

outer material is susceptible to dirt

ONECE Kitchen Faucet – 3rd place!

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for second place here. The reason for this are numerous disadvantages, which we will list for you here.

Price: £176.99 (RRP)

Price / performance

Robust and reinforced material

Classic design – 30 year guarantee

no novelties – model like 5 years ago

not intended for older kitchens

Homelody Kitchen Fitting – place 4!

Price: £89 (RRP)

This product unfortunately got only a low place in our comparison due to its poor quality.

New innovation

Suitable for all kitchens

Quite expensive price for this quality

Not intended for long-term use

Blanco Linus Kitchen Mixer – 5th place!

Price: £207 (RRP)

Unfortunately, due to its design, this product only received a low place in our comparison.

Made of stainless steel


Fits all kitchens